The History of my Love of Nature

For anyone who knows me deeply, you will know how deeply and wildly I love the outside. Woods, hedgerows, beaches and rivers.

From a young age, my dear grandfather instilled in me a deep knowledge of plants and flowers. He showed me how to find birds nests, how to spot fairycups ( bright red toadstools) by the trees around, how to name a tree from a mile away by sight.


This is my wonderful Grandfather Joe with my spawn

He has 90 years of incredible knowledge inside his heart and mind. I am merely a siphon. Hes forgotton more than I will ever know. His mother, my great grandmother Ella Bibby ( an orphan) is apparently the source of incredible knowing. She was unschooled in the traditional sense but is described as

The loveliest angel of a woman to ever exist. She was always poorly yesterday, never bothered anyone with her problems. She knew all of the words to songs, the plants and poetry

I love this description of a lady I will never know. Its enough to know we are a little bit the same.

Nature is a thread that runs through us. A love of swimming in rivers. A deep knowing that the world as we are meant to walk is not the one we are imprisoned inside. Lets all be painters and dreamers.

Another nature lover and replicator I have the pleasure of knowing is Helen Backhouse. Here is a pair of earrings I have made with her incredible leaves


They look like fairies made them. I have loved polymer clay since childhood. I have attempted leaves many times with silligum and micas and time. They are nowhere near these beauties. I am pleased though with my seeds. Sycamore keys and pods. I love kindred spirits and how the internet can bring artists together. To inspire and push and flow together.

A few of my polymer clay pieces



One day they shall be silver. Pure and bright. When i am all grown up.

etsy shop of seeds and pods


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