Here I am popping a cherry of sorts. I have been asked many times over the last few weeks “can i read your blog?” “you must have a blog” “where is your blog”

Like many hands trying to remove my clothes I have felt I SHOULD have a blog indeed. And so… Here it shall be.

Blog virginity popped. True virginity… I actually knew what I was doing a lot more than i do here. (I read a lot of Anais Nin growing up) so please bear with me as I fumble around what a url is. What an avatar is. And various other alien speak words that are puzzling me this morning.

This is Sherherazade. This painting was painted well after her reign. She is the heroine from 1001 nights and a fellow word weaver. Legend tells it that the King of Persia was cheated on by one of his Queens. So as a total pussy he decided to have a wife for only one evening and then lop her head off the next day. Sherherazade was a viziers daughter and incredibly beautiful and she was next in line for bed and then dead. She asked on her wedding night that she be allowed to speak to her sister. Her sister was presented to her and she began to tell her a story. So captivating was her tale by Firelight that the King asked her to finish the story. She told him it was nearing dawn and she would finish the following evening. And so she spun and wove her words for 1001 nights at the end of which the King had fallen in love with her and did not choose to chop her head off.
Words and cleverness.
She is inspiration for a pop up event i am hosting in my facebook group

pop up group

This will pop up on 27th November for the weekend.

More cleverness by a wonderful lady. This piece is by Jean A. Wells. She is showing today in the LBA Designer Galleria on Facebook. I am in awe of her designs and it would be rude not to mention her wonderment when speaking of epic ladies.


The Galleria

So there you go. My first blog. I have popped my cherry. It has been like walking blind into a darkened room. Hopefully you will see it in the light.

Love to whomever is clever enough to sail the seas of blogging with abandon.

Jo xx


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