My children have had chocolate for breakfast this morning. Beside virtuous bananas and yoghurt. The advent calendars and the daily knoll begins.

He’s watching you know….

Don’t scream at each, other the elves will hear

Right! That’s it I’m going to get daddy to fill the chimney in

A small selection of things I have said out loud today alone. Sigh.

I have to brave the wonders of the post office today to send out the last of my Showground Event parcels 😊. I have such lovely customers. I try to make things fun and happy for everyone and I think Princesses Behaving Badly went wonderfully for everyone involved.

I will be busy reorganising the mountain of beads I have accidentally bought on purpose. Oopps.

I will pop up around the LBA Designer Galleria if you need me

click here to find the galleria

To share some marvellous items I made just before my fairytale event for a lovely Lady who is getting married in a little over a week. A lady who loves ivy leaves. Custom bracelets for a wedding. I am so honoured to have been able to do this for her. Love you Amber ❤





Little details. Little sterling silver leaf bracelets for her beauties and personalised fine silver charms. Proud. Honoured.

Happy first of December Everyone


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