When I Grow up….

Last week I had the joy of being asked the question by my little boy…

Why are you doing this bead stuff


As it was quite a silent moment, my brain fully fell into the hole of the question and instantly came back with three things.

To grow
To be better than Anne Choi
To spread myself and my love outward

Today I will tackle GROW
Now that night as I lay in a very very hot bath ( far too hot for children… Go downstairs to daddy) I pondered growing. Growing how? Well, when I first discovered that handmade jewellery (in the sense I know now) existed it was in a still-point-in-a-turning-world moment when I saw the work of one lady. Rebecca of Songbead. She was my first love. My first moment of oh my god this is art not jewellery.


No story of growing up can begin without your beginning. And such a wonderful beginning. The path started there and I wandered along it open mouthed until I found jewellery groups which seemed to like the things I had made. I liked things that I saw.

I loved and I still love my friend Pat Waistell of PAW jewellery on folksy. Her style, especially with bracelets inspires me still in some of the pieces I make.

PAW jewellery


This is one of Pat Waistells beautiful bracelets. In my adoration I realised that she makes her findings, oxidises and tumbles her own components and she and she alone ( by influence) moved me to the next step of growing….


Buying beads and sticking them together no longer serves me. I want to push on and grow and learn.
I have always been good at things. (Not in an arsey way or an arrogant way) I have always been blessed with the joy of finding everything easy. Things come to me. Creatively I have yet to find anything I cannot do and so in a bid to prove there must be something I cannot do I have a little stick on my shoulder and I am off to seek that thing.

I have excelled in pottery, oils, acrylic, painting people, clay, glass painting, and so many others that I spent hours as a child revelling in. My parents were quite the drinkers and I was blessed with hours of solitary pursuits that I actually craved. I missed lots of school because I preferred to be alone reading what I wanted to in the house.
I could be off for three weeks, in for a day and still do better than the others. I also avoided PE ( good.awful) which looking back, the PE childstars of yonderyears all seem more unfit than I am so nuts to that.

My quiet reading and making was always me. That is me. I am that person. I always have been. The society that forces us into boxes of “oh you have to get a good job” steers us far far from our intrinsic talents. I have been there too. I have had good jobs. I was the youngest bank manager in the world for a while. I have done corperate. I have danced that dance. I chose to base my mortgage paying career on good instead of evil however and left the place that makes up money and debts as nooses and am now a motivator amongst a team i would choose over my extended family. I feel in this I have grown. I chose happiness over money.

I hope one day to be able to do all that I love and spend all day making and creating.

I find people choose and do because of love.

Keynote keystone

The major keystone of making is that noone can copy you. You are ten steps ahead. Unique and beautiful. Wild and free. Not confined to waiting for shop updates to buy other peoples ideas. Whether it be braiding your own cording, felting beads, making your own headpins small unique-icisms are the way to go.

There is bickering about copying or this that or the other every other day.

My take on this as a very new new person to the industry and community is thus… If you buy things and put them together Maths Himself decrees that someone somewhere has the same thing and the same plan as you. Monopoly on pieces is crap. If you restrict or bully others for using these bits and pieces you are ruining THEIR business. Techniques found openly on tinternet cannot be claimed or territorialised.

I will never ever accuse anyone of copying. Do what you like. Copy exactly what I do. I will be ten steps further over there. You are welcome. I will even GIVE the things I make extra to people I love. If you want anything let me know. I am just learning.

There are ladies I have the pleasure of knowing who are in a different stratosphere to me. It doesn’t stop me wanting to master the talents they possess.

One such goddess is Niky Sayers. I adore her work. She is a proper real life Gold/silversmith ( officially a Goldsmith even in silver as silversmiths were traditionally cutlery based lol). Just take a second to look

Niky Sayers

I have literally only focussed on the UK half of my journey in this blog but you get the idea.

Growing is important.


Wingadings i have been tinkering with.


Aura headpins i have been fiddling with

Love you all xxx


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