The First Flush of Spring

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.

Pablo Neruda

My first jewellery show of 2017 is a hopeful affair. 2016 was hard for me, i lost my beloved Grandfather and wandered bewildered through the latter part of the year on autopilot. 

The initial catalyst to my making was loss. I lost my wonderous Aunty and broke into a thousand pieces. The inner part of me, the innocent paintery makery me came out and became my safe cocoon. 

Butterflies have become my symbol. Change. Growth. Metamorphosis. Shedding of old self. Never more symbolic than now. I have to push past the dark and the sadness and emerge into the new light of Springtime. To take the joy from the new life and flowers that grandad taught me all of the names of. To worship the nature that he believed in above everything else. 

The secrets he taught me about the secret lives of the birds and the bees have bubbled through my soul and into the pieces I have been making in quiet contemplation throughout the darkest parts of the year. 

The beautiful friends I have found last year who have helped heal my heart hold my hands in the pieces, little parts of them entwined in my reverie. One lady Emma Louise Wilson has been a shining light. Her porcelain speaks to my very soul. Have a look at  Emmas work here

I thank my real life Fairy Godmother for showing me the way to her with all of my heart. And to her and my other dear treasures, I owe my whole heart because it would be broken without you. My 2017 Warriors who have faced almost annihilation at the hands of an unforgiving year and come out the other side. You are my Home. 

Leaf by Colleen Campbell ❤ go here

So on to the show…. It will start at midnight in LBA Designers Galleria Showcase here

Everyone is welcome. Everyone a friend. The world needs beauty and the hope of spring in their lives right now

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