Pieces and Themes

This is a photo of my old Art room at school. Our school had two sites, the comprehensive ( 11~16yrs) and the sixth form (17~18yrs). I was allowed to come here to the big school when I was much younger as my pottery teacher liked to let me make things I couldn’t at school. I ended up here a lot over the years. 

It was my favourite place. 

While here, every piece I made had to have source materials, artist influences, documented thought processes. Reason. My coursework was always made up into magical books with papier mache covers before “scrapbooking” was ever the thing it is now. 

I find myself still, when tackling an idea, reverting to the theme book but forming it inside my head. 

Every piece of jewellery in my themed shows leads to the key piece. A journey to the star piece with little thoughts and ideas along the way…

Take my Wonderland show as an example. 

The Key piece

And the journey

I think of all the themes i have gone through in my two year wander

Who remembers

Music. Pictures in a Museum. Fairytales. Gypsy Caravan. And all. All the while trying to think of new never been done before things. 

I see those that follow and recycle my ideas all the time. I find myself somehow leading despite the fact I have never considered myself that way as I still feel like the baby in the fold. The newbie. 

And what adventures are to come? 

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