Proper Things

Often throughout my jewellery journey I have been asked “do you make proper things?” By friends and family members.

To the untrained eye, art beads aren’t a thing they recognise or value. Lampwork has to be explained. To be fair to them in the back of my busy mind I have always envisaged making the kind of jewellery that you would expect to see in a little independent jewellers rather than the foyer of an art gallery. Alas I adore art beads and will continue to create with them… but…. I am changing gears a little by dipping my toe into the silver pot.

Over the years I have been experimenting with fabricating silver pieces from sheet and wire. Casting little shapes. Messing about in the kitchen mostly. Playing with PMC. I have a heap of silver bits I have made to incorporate into my pieces.

And so my toe is dipping deeper into the pool. These pieces are going to be called “storytales” as they have words and thoughts as charms on them. Here are a few.

Believe in Magic Ft. Michelle Waldron.

The Moon and the Hare. Ft. Jolene Riley and Helen Chalmers

Shine ft. Saskia Mackenzie Fisher

Moon Guardian ft. Jenelle Aubade

A beginning anyways. Love you all xxx


2 thoughts on “Proper Things

  1. Your Proper remark made me smile as I have been asked that question too. In my opinion All your designs – both “proper” and “Improper” are beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

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