2017 let’s have it!

May 2017 bloom anew. 

I have been playing over the last few months. Evolving. Trying new things. Inventing new things. 

I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring ~ David Bowie

My thoughts are with the fact I haven’t blogged much as I do not really understand it. So my first resolution is to be better. 

I want to play with more silver. I am enjoying the firemaidenry of melting it and the deep red of glowing metal. I made this ring yesterday

I have also been playing with my old staples for spring in my flower bracelets 

And playing with silver versions of them. 

More to come this year. And as it is spring i have made some flowers

Isn’t it exciting. 

My next show will be in LBA Designers Galleria Showcase on 31st January. See you there 

Big loves