I love this word and this action. Metamorphosis. The ability to change into something else. The ability to be fluid and evolutionary. 

When I began making jewellery 2 years ago, i met some wonderful people who I adore. The UK artists are like my extended family. The US and worldwide artists came next. We all cross pollinate with each other and work symbiotically to create magic. 

My desire to make components began very early on due to hostilities and bitching that always seems to raise its head when people feel others are copying a “design” or using an age old technique they feel is theirs to command. 

In response I wanted my pieces to be unique. Small batches. Ever changing. Ever different. Limited edition. Special. I wanted them to be versatile. Strong. Light. Drillable. Scuffable. Convertible. 

And so, I invented. I thought. I designed. I painted. I have actually developed what I would say is an actual technique. One i could have named after me one day if i ever choose to share it. 

Every month I release new thoughts new ideas and new species. Every month I wonder if the next is the month my brain leaves and I won’t be able to find new ideas. Luckily I find they flow strong and thick and in some instances more than I know what to do with. 

My truest happiness now is that I inspire others. Which reminds me of this quote by my favourite artist. 

The negativity within the community keeps raising itself in patterns. It would not be so if people kept themselves metamorphosising. Moving forward. Changing and flowing. 

I love that people are making things themselves. I adore that people are trying new things. I adore that the buyers of yesterday are the makers of today. 

Our industry is changing. Its not how it was. Two years in I wonder where it will be in another 2. 

I want to make “proper” jewellery. 

I want to make pieces that sing to peoples hearts. 

I want my daughter to stop squirrelling parcels from me so she can peek first. 

I want to ace every challenge my fairymusegodmother sets me. 

I want to melt a bit of glass this year. 

I want to hone my silver/goldsmithing. 

I want to send myself outward

I want to change 

One thought on “Metamorphosis

  1. Very True. When I started making jewelry 9 years back I never thought I would explore so many different forms, materials and techniques as I have done these 9 years. The ability to be flexible is what keeps me going.


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