Bead Soup Cafe Swap and Hop collection of magics 

My partner for my virgin foray into blog hopping is Karin King of Maverick beads. You can go to her blog here

She sent me this wonderful selction of beads including the special hoarded  beads by Sarah Hornik and some made by Karin herself!

As you can see the colours are an absolute riot. Completely taking me away from my comfort zone, which has brought to my attention that I normally work with a palette a la fauves. 

I have made a wonderful piece already but that must remain a surprise until the reveal. 

Thank you Karin for raising my game xx

My Omnipresent Vice

This photo was captured by my Aunty Sandra after we trailed up what seems like the tallest mountain in the world to sprinkle my Aunty Doris on Penshaw Hill, so she could watch us all from this vantage point at the top of the hill. I can see where she is from a 50mile radius. I see her as I drive to work. The kids wave to her whenever we go past. How i am smiling in this photo I will never know, but what I am also doing is smoking. 

Having my last ever cigarette with HER ever. The very thing that took her is a thing I cleave to. A thing we shared innumerous times at this back door with our coffees and our cussing and our love. 

All of the grown ups around me smoked growing up. I was THAT kid in the pubs with socialites of the 80s quaffing carling black label and chiffing on embassy filters. I was the one who adored old Harry with his pipe that smelled like toasted marshmallows. That savoured this then welcome smell all the way through growing up. 

I didn’t smoke at 18.

I didn’t smoke at 22

I did however start smoking cigars when I was 23

Then i moved to Marlboro Lights. There I stayed. I had amazing times with my friends, always always smoking

One in my hand always

Even here. I don’t like that I do it. But yet I still do. Its the few minutes away from the world. The “excuse me a moment” so I can leave a situation. Its the vent for every emphatic energy I absorb from the world around me. Always blowing out. Releasing IT. Releasing whatever it is. They wake me up. They make me feel better when i Feel like i am the bottom of a well. 

When i am drowning in thoughts. There is some thing pacifier esque to them. 

I have to gently reach over and remove that. I have to replace it with something. I have tried to stop before but I didnt really WANT to. All of my grown ups are gone. That has to be me now. I have a vapey thing that Adrian King of willpower has used and stopped within a month. I am going to try. I am going to try to release myself from these ashes. Ashes of other lives. Ashes of those i love. Ashes of forgotten days. 

I have to. 

I can presumably get through a day without murdering. Perhaps. Instead of murdering myself slowly. 

Bead Peeps Swap & Hop 2017 ~ my partner Johana Nunez

Introducing my partner for this year’s Bead Peeps Swap and Hop ~ Johana Nunez of Art Incendi. 

Just look at her wonderful shop

Johana also has a line of jewellery called Bee Rustique & Chic have a little peep at the magic here

She may just be my soul sister, the more I learn and see the more evidence of similar minds appears…. Look 😍

Her work is bright and beautiful and echoes for me childhood memories of Agatha Ruiz De La Prada dresses and zing.

Her enamels are beautiful, unique and inventive. 

I think Linda has made pair heaven. 

There are words in her magics too

I have chosen some treasures to send to her and she is to send me some and we make pieces from the curated selection. It’s the most exciting thing ever. I would show you whats in there but i have to keep a secret ❤

I am so excited to see what she does with this little box of magic. 

Johanas blog page is here

Keep track of our beadventures together. 

The First Flush of Spring

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.

Pablo Neruda

My first jewellery show of 2017 is a hopeful affair. 2016 was hard for me, i lost my beloved Grandfather and wandered bewildered through the latter part of the year on autopilot. 

The initial catalyst to my making was loss. I lost my wonderous Aunty and broke into a thousand pieces. The inner part of me, the innocent paintery makery me came out and became my safe cocoon. 

Butterflies have become my symbol. Change. Growth. Metamorphosis. Shedding of old self. Never more symbolic than now. I have to push past the dark and the sadness and emerge into the new light of Springtime. To take the joy from the new life and flowers that grandad taught me all of the names of. To worship the nature that he believed in above everything else. 

The secrets he taught me about the secret lives of the birds and the bees have bubbled through my soul and into the pieces I have been making in quiet contemplation throughout the darkest parts of the year. 

The beautiful friends I have found last year who have helped heal my heart hold my hands in the pieces, little parts of them entwined in my reverie. One lady Emma Louise Wilson has been a shining light. Her porcelain speaks to my very soul. Have a look at  Emmas work here

I thank my real life Fairy Godmother for showing me the way to her with all of my heart. And to her and my other dear treasures, I owe my whole heart because it would be broken without you. My 2017 Warriors who have faced almost annihilation at the hands of an unforgiving year and come out the other side. You are my Home. 

Leaf by Colleen Campbell ❤ go here

So on to the show…. It will start at midnight in LBA Designers Galleria Showcase here

Everyone is welcome. Everyone a friend. The world needs beauty and the hope of spring in their lives right now

2017 let’s have it!

May 2017 bloom anew. 

I have been playing over the last few months. Evolving. Trying new things. Inventing new things. 

I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring ~ David Bowie

My thoughts are with the fact I haven’t blogged much as I do not really understand it. So my first resolution is to be better. 

I want to play with more silver. I am enjoying the firemaidenry of melting it and the deep red of glowing metal. I made this ring yesterday

I have also been playing with my old staples for spring in my flower bracelets 

And playing with silver versions of them. 

More to come this year. And as it is spring i have made some flowers

Isn’t it exciting. 

My next show will be in LBA Designers Galleria Showcase on 31st January. See you there 

Big loves 


I have always been a little strange. Its best I start with that comment. That way, I can write off most of what I say to be part of that innate quirk.

Yesterday, a legend left the Earth. My generation, (i am twentythirteen years old) did not live through the glorious musical heyday of Mr David Bowie. We were raised with Labyrinth, he as the voice at the beginning of the Snowman by Raymond Briggs. We overheard his songs in cars and bars. We did not witness the pioneering iconic “olden days” where he made the amazing landscape changing moves. The godfather of androgyny and change. Bringing black artists to the forefront. In some ways he affected change in music and culture above any other in the field. I admired him incredibly.

He remains to me however, the knome king from Labyrinth. A film that both scared me shitless and entranced me as a child. Since the day I watched it as a child of 6, every night since, my weird little self has whispered.

You have no power over me

Every night, before I sleep. Just in case. A comfort carried from childhood. A little quirk. Last night was the first night I didn’t have to.


Give me the child. Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen, for my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great. You have no power over me.

In the very fabric of my being. This will always be one of my favourite scenes. You will see its whispers in everything I do.

the Ballroom scene

So goodnight sweet goblin king. You sure did turn the world upside down. But you did it all for us.

Rip David Bowie

When I Grow up….

Last week I had the joy of being asked the question by my little boy…

Why are you doing this bead stuff


As it was quite a silent moment, my brain fully fell into the hole of the question and instantly came back with three things.

To grow
To be better than Anne Choi
To spread myself and my love outward

Today I will tackle GROW
Now that night as I lay in a very very hot bath ( far too hot for children… Go downstairs to daddy) I pondered growing. Growing how? Well, when I first discovered that handmade jewellery (in the sense I know now) existed it was in a still-point-in-a-turning-world moment when I saw the work of one lady. Rebecca of Songbead. She was my first love. My first moment of oh my god this is art not jewellery.


No story of growing up can begin without your beginning. And such a wonderful beginning. The path started there and I wandered along it open mouthed until I found jewellery groups which seemed to like the things I had made. I liked things that I saw.

I loved and I still love my friend Pat Waistell of PAW jewellery on folksy. Her style, especially with bracelets inspires me still in some of the pieces I make.

PAW jewellery


This is one of Pat Waistells beautiful bracelets. In my adoration I realised that she makes her findings, oxidises and tumbles her own components and she and she alone ( by influence) moved me to the next step of growing….


Buying beads and sticking them together no longer serves me. I want to push on and grow and learn.
I have always been good at things. (Not in an arsey way or an arrogant way) I have always been blessed with the joy of finding everything easy. Things come to me. Creatively I have yet to find anything I cannot do and so in a bid to prove there must be something I cannot do I have a little stick on my shoulder and I am off to seek that thing.

I have excelled in pottery, oils, acrylic, painting people, clay, glass painting, and so many others that I spent hours as a child revelling in. My parents were quite the drinkers and I was blessed with hours of solitary pursuits that I actually craved. I missed lots of school because I preferred to be alone reading what I wanted to in the house.
I could be off for three weeks, in for a day and still do better than the others. I also avoided PE ( good.awful) which looking back, the PE childstars of yonderyears all seem more unfit than I am so nuts to that.

My quiet reading and making was always me. That is me. I am that person. I always have been. The society that forces us into boxes of “oh you have to get a good job” steers us far far from our intrinsic talents. I have been there too. I have had good jobs. I was the youngest bank manager in the world for a while. I have done corperate. I have danced that dance. I chose to base my mortgage paying career on good instead of evil however and left the place that makes up money and debts as nooses and am now a motivator amongst a team i would choose over my extended family. I feel in this I have grown. I chose happiness over money.

I hope one day to be able to do all that I love and spend all day making and creating.

I find people choose and do because of love.

Keynote keystone

The major keystone of making is that noone can copy you. You are ten steps ahead. Unique and beautiful. Wild and free. Not confined to waiting for shop updates to buy other peoples ideas. Whether it be braiding your own cording, felting beads, making your own headpins small unique-icisms are the way to go.

There is bickering about copying or this that or the other every other day.

My take on this as a very new new person to the industry and community is thus… If you buy things and put them together Maths Himself decrees that someone somewhere has the same thing and the same plan as you. Monopoly on pieces is crap. If you restrict or bully others for using these bits and pieces you are ruining THEIR business. Techniques found openly on tinternet cannot be claimed or territorialised.

I will never ever accuse anyone of copying. Do what you like. Copy exactly what I do. I will be ten steps further over there. You are welcome. I will even GIVE the things I make extra to people I love. If you want anything let me know. I am just learning.

There are ladies I have the pleasure of knowing who are in a different stratosphere to me. It doesn’t stop me wanting to master the talents they possess.

One such goddess is Niky Sayers. I adore her work. She is a proper real life Gold/silversmith ( officially a Goldsmith even in silver as silversmiths were traditionally cutlery based lol). Just take a second to look

Niky Sayers

I have literally only focussed on the UK half of my journey in this blog but you get the idea.

Growing is important.


Wingadings i have been tinkering with.


Aura headpins i have been fiddling with

Love you all xxx