Bead Peeps 2017 Reveal

My partner for this year was Johana Nunez of Art Incendi

This is the treasure that she sent me to play with

I was struck by the beautifulness of the enamelled bird and wanted to incorperate all of the beads into one piece if possible. 

After a few reties and fiddlery I came up with this. 

I added bright czech glass beads and interwove them through the little flowers and primary colour palette that Johana sent me. I used the toggle up front and added a little bird nest up top.

I am so excited to have popped my cherry with blog hopping. Big loves to Linda on setting this up.

This is what I sent to Johana. 

I didnt know what to send so I bundled up lampwork by my favourite artists and a bundle of my resin wings, my polymer drops and my ceramic leaf. 

I can’t wait to see what she makes

My wings are availiable in “the Magic Forest” group on Facebook or in my etsy here

9 thoughts on “Bead Peeps 2017 Reveal

  1. Oh, I love that bird bead and how you managed to incorporate all the beads from the swap into this bright summery necklace! I bet it took a lot of rearranging but finally each bead has found its perfect place!


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